Hello there! Welcome to the new Eighty Seven Creations website. Take a look. Get creative. Don’t be offended. Please?

A Little Bit About Me

What are you doing?

A blog. But also an outlet for things that I create. Look off to the side – Instagram is where I post all my creations.

What do you create? 

I dabble in knitting, crocheting (my true love), sewing, embroidery, candle making, hand lettering, and eventually want to explore soap making. Maybe.

Where can we find you? 

While this website is a space for my blogging and such, I primarily post on Instagram and Facebook. You can also find me on Ravelry if you are a knitter/crocheter. I also own an Etsy shop that includes a few patterns along with items available for sale. I work full-time so this is just my fun side-hustle! Bear with me please!

Who are you? 

The name is Tina.

Creator of some humans and crafts. Wife of a pretty sweet dude. Lover of television and food and hater of movies and cooking. Secret introvert but pretend extrovert.

Places you can find me: On my couch. I’m most likely crocheting there and I don’t like when people talk when I’m trying to count stitches.