Day 3 of my diet. I hate everybody.

So you decided to be like every other person in America and say "This is the year I lose weight! I will finally fit into those size -14 pants that I saw a 7 year old wearing!"Β  Good for you. That's awesome. Everyone loves a New Years resolution. Or eight. I jumped on that bandwagon… Continue reading Day 3 of my diet. I hate everybody.


Embrace the Stretchy Pants

It's almost here, folks. The most magical time of the year where dreams come true. Where fantasies come alive and everything is good in your life. Where Grandmas get drunk, kids pass out, and alcohol-induced rants by your Uncle Bob make fireside chat for years to come. No, this isn't about Christmas/Chanukah/Mawlid an Nabi/Yule/whichever religion… Continue reading Embrace the Stretchy Pants